Bullying - My True Story

I have been going to Mr. and Mrs. Simpson's Taekwondo class for seven years. I've also been to all of their bullying seminars ever since white belt. I never thought I would have to use that knowledge until Thursday, October 11th 2012. It was after a really great field trip to the Nike headquarters of the world. I sat in the back of the bus in a small two person seat. One of the bully's asked me to move but I said no, since the bus was moving and we are not supposed to move while the bus is moving. They asked me about six other times and I still said no. This is when the bullying started. The boy and girl started calling me names. After a couple of firm "Stop" from me that's when the physical aggression was starting up. The boy tried pushing me off the seat. He succeeded and I almost hit my head on the emergency doors iron handle. When I got back on the seat the girl started kicking my leg. Then she aimed higher and hit my stomach. It was so painful. I then defended myself appropriately using what I had been taught to do. I then used the followup steps that I was taught at the bullying seminars. To those of you being bullied here is some advice, stand up for your self, don't show fear. That's what they want. That tells them you are weak. If you show confidence like we are taught in class they are sure to back off.

True Victim,
Skylar Pugh 11 years old

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Simpson

My wife and I are very cautious about the people we allow in our children's life. When we were looking for a Martial Arts School to enroll our son into we were hoping to find a place that enforced the same morals that we teach at home. That is what we found at Simpson's Karate For Kids. I was impressed the first time he and I came in the door for your first session. Over the last year I have never been disappointed by our decision to put our son in your school. Everyday the school, instructors and students demonstrated the behaviors we were hoping to develop in our children: confidence, respect, self control, integrity, perseverance and commitment.

We also have come to respect the commitment and loyalty that the Simpsons have for their students. They have always put our sons and the rest of the students best interest above all else.

Over the last year our son has demonstrated a stronger ability to listen to instructions and focus on following those instructions. We really wanted to increase his self confidence. Before Karate For Kids if someone said “hello” to him he would drop his head and hide behind his mom or me. Now he has the confidence to look them in the eyes and say hello Sir or Ma’am.

After our experience at Simpson’s Karate For Kids we tell everyone we know how they have helped our son and family and encourage them to put their children in Martial Arts.

Warm Regards,

Aaron Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Simpson,

We just wanted to express our sincere thanks for all you do. We recognize the dedication, hard work and care that goes into your work. We appreciate your commitment to these kids (and adults too!). You may not realize this but, we walk away from class learning thins too! We have seen a change in Brock over the last few years. His confidence has grown so much! We just want you to know that your hard work pays off and it also doesn’t go unnoticed!


Dave and Krisa Shelton & Brock

We signed our 1st grader up for the Bully Prevention Program and he’s loved it! We take classes as a family and have really enjoyed the structure, physical work-out, increased flexibility and strength, and Mr. Simpson’s unexpected sense-of-humor. The personal discipline training for our children has been wonderful!

Heidi Hopkins